Our Values
Our Mission: Our mission is to provide a common forum and platform for the processors and manufacturers of tree nuts and related products, in order to further the sustainability of the tree nuts industry in Kenya. We shall achieve this through plans, policies, programs, and activities including legislative advocacy that will assist boost quality of tree nuts and its products, develop higher degrees of efficiency in production, handling, processing and marketing.

Our Vision:

To be a World Class Membership Organisation for Nut Processors that effectively delivers services to its members, Stakeholders and Nut industry.

Goals and Objectives

The ultimate aim of NutPAK is to sustainably improve the livelihoods of over 50,000 target farmers, primarily via significant increases in farm nut revenues: These income increases will stem primarily from increases in farm-level gross margins owing to stable pricing mechanism proposed by NutPAK members.

NutPAK exists to promote and protect the interests of our members and develop the nut industry, our work is driven by the following objectives:
  • Increase volume of processed tree nuts in Kenya. Our target is 100% of raw nuts processed in Kenya.
  • Increase farmer income through yield and quality improvements under structured contract farming arrangements or other cooperative agreements.
  • Increase consumption of nuts in Kenya and worldwide. We have a 5-year target to quadruple domestic consumption of nut products in Kenya and grow market share for Kenya nuts worldwide by 40% through brand essence and recognition.
  • Create international awareness of Kenyan nuts, coordinate and leverage country specific.
  • activities and global branding.
  • Sustainably increase smallholder household incomes through improved productivity and value capture through stable pricing mechanisms. We have already proposed farm gate prices of Kshs. 35
  • Representation to Government, its agencies and global partners.
  • To advise the Government and lobby for its support on policy matters.
  • To provide and make available relevant business information services to our members.
  • To provide for and encourage discussions between the private and public sectors on issues which affect the nuts processing industry.
  • To promote participation in trade fairs, trade exhibitions and trade missions in order to identify new markets and expand existing ones;
  • Facilitate investments in projects with partners.