NutPAK works to develop a nuts industry that is a model of strategic cooperation between growers, processors and market partners.
NutPAK will further support the adoption of Good Agricultural Practices by growers and processors, and the sharing of production data that will benefit the industry.  Good Manufacturing Practices are also an important component of industry and NutPAK success.
Code of Ethics
Nut Processors Association of Kenya (NutPAK) members agree to abide by a self-imposed code of ethics, the principles of which include:

  1. To perform business as a processors with utmost fair play in a competitive scene.
  2. To accord nuts growers requisite justice for the produce they deliver and ensure agreed minimum prices reach the farmer’
  3. To assist NutPAK to initiate, sponsor, promote, and carry out plans, policies, programs, and activities including legislative advocacy that will assist its members to improve the qualities of Kenyan nuts and nuts products;

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Quality and Food Safety

NutPAK members are your most reliable source for tree and groundnuts products. Our commitment to quality and food safety is embodied in our quality policies, years of food safety innovation and HAACP program disciplines.
NutPAK and its members have always placed customer satisfaction and food safety at the top of our priorities.
Our affiliate Companies have  Quality Policy Statements that stipulate that – we  are committed to providing customer satisfaction through strict adherence to quality control procedures, creating products that meet or exceed industry standards, with timely shipment and delivery.
HACCP Plan – NutPAK members are currently implementing HACCP procedures as a means of mitigating risks to food product safety or the disruption of supply to its valued customers.